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Long-tailed Widowbird

Afrikaans name: Langstertflap

Long-tailed Widowbird male in breeding plumage

Male Long-tailed Widowbird

Photo © Steven Herbert

Euplectes progne

During summer the male Long-tailed Widowbird is very distinctive. They have black plumage with some red and white on their wings. The distinctive feature is, however, the very long tail. Females, and non-breeding males, are far more drab.

These birds are often found in areas of open grassland or vleis. They are found in the central parts of South Africa from the Eastern Cape through to southern Limpopo.

The main foods of the Long-tailed Widowbirds are seeds and insects.

During summer the males mate with up to 6 females at a time. The nest is a ball of grass amongst a clump of grass. Between 2 and 4 eggs are laid.



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