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Red-backed Mannikin

Afrikaans name: Rooirugfret

Red-backed Mannikin on a bird feeder

Photo © Steven Herbert

Lonchura nigriceps

The Red-backed Mannikin is found over most of the southern half of Africa. It is an attractive bird with much broghter colouring than the Bronze Mannikin.

It is sometimes referred to as the Brown-backed Mannikin or Brown-backed Munia.

This little finch is mainly a seed eater but it will take small insects at times.

Red-backed Mannikins are normally seen in small flocks and they often mix with Bronze Mannikins. When seen together the Red-backed Mannikin is easily identified from the drabber Bronze Mannikin.

They make a ball-like nest in a tree. The nest is normally made from grass or lichen. They lay up to 7 eggs.

In South Africa the Red-backed Mannikin is mainly found along the KwaZulu-Natal coast as well as a bit of Mpumalanga.



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