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Cape Longclaw

Afrikaans name: Oranjekeelkalkoentjie

The Cape or Orange-throated Longclaw is a beautiful bird

Photo © Steven Herbert

Macronyx capensis

Many people know this bird by its older name of Orange-throated Longclaw. Longclaws are related to pipits and wagtails.

The Cape Longclaw is endemic to southern Africa. It occurs across most of the eastern and southern regions of South Africa and in the higher areas of Zimbabwe.

This species is found in grassland at a variety of altitudes but normally near water. The bright orange throat is not always so easy to spot as the bird has a habit of keeping its drab brown back pointed in your direction.

The female is a bit plainer with a yellowish-orange throat.

The Cape Longclaw feeds on insects such as beetles, grasshoppers and termite alates which it finds by patrolling the grassland, often in pairs. They also eat seeds.



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