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Tinker Reed Frog

Afrikaans name: Groenrietpadda

Tinker Reed Frog

Tinker Reed Frog

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Hyperolius tuberilinguis

The Tinker Reed Frog is a stunning yellowish green in colour although they may be brown as well. Underneath they are cream in colour. Males have a yellowish throat. Their pupils are horizontal.

In South Africa they are found in a thin band along the eastern regions of KwaZulu-Natal. They are most commonly found in the vegetation surrounding coastal pans. Residents of Durban may well find them in the plants around their fishponds.

The Tinker Reed Frog is a bit over 3 cm in length. They are a very active frog, and their favourite food is mosquitoes.

They make their nests in vegetation a few centimetres above the water. Hundreds of eggs are laid in a jelly-like substance. The tadpoles grow quite large and are brownish upperparts and white underparts.

Tinker Reed Frog

Photo © EcoView -

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