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Forest Tree Frog

Afrikaans name: Natalse Boompadda

A beautiful Forest Tree Frog

Photo © Steven Herbert

Leptopelis natalensis

The Forest Tree Frog is sometimes called the Natal Tree Frog.

This is truly a stunning looking frog! Juveniles, however, show a more subdued colouration - brown with green patches.

It is normally found in forests or coastal bush near water. It may also be found in swamps.

When in bright light their pupils are vertically elliptical.

It is quite at home in trees and shrubs. The tips of its toes have adhesive discs which help it to climb.

It lays yellow eggs near streams, either in mud or in rotting vegetation. The eggs are about 0.3 mm in diameter and apparently the resulting tadpoles can survive for weeks before reaching water.



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