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Bluff Nature Reserve, Durban

Afrikaans name: Bluff Natuur Reservaat

The main feature of Bluff Nature Reserve is a red-lined dam

Photo © Steven Herbert


Bluff Nature Reserve is situated in Tara Road on the Bluff in Durban. It is sometimes referred to as Bluff Swamp. This is the last remnant of the extensive sqampy areas that used to cover the surrounding area many years ago.

The reserve is divided by Tara Road but only the eastern side is accessible.

The main section of the reserve comprises of a small dam surrounded by extensive patches of reeds.

There is a large hide near the entrance gate but there is not often much to be seen there.

The main reason for visiting Bluff Nature Reserve is birding. The number of waterbirds that are resident here has dwindled over the years but there are still opportunities to see some waterbirds as well as a varieity of birds in the reedbeds and surrounding bush.



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