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Afrikaans name: Soebatsfontein

Village of Soebatsfontein


Photo © Johan van Zyl

Soebatsfontein is a tiny village in a semi-arid area of the Northern Cape province in South Africa. It has a population of less than 300 people. The village is located 48 km west of Kamieskroon and has roads leading from it in all directions seemingly to nowhere in particular.

The translation of the towns name from Afrikaans is 'fountain of pleading' which arose from a violent incident in the late 1890's. A boer farmer, by the name of Hendrik Stievert, was captured and killed by San people even though he begged for his life. His pleas were heard by his goat herder which led to the name. This incident took place in 1798.

The Skilpad Wildflower Reserve, which forms part of the Namaqua National Park, is located nearby and is a great place to visit during the spring flower season. The Korhaan Walking Trail is in a nearby section of the Namaqua National Park.

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Approaching Soebatsfontein

Approaching Soebatsfontein

Photo © Johan van Zyl

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