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Southern Tree Agama

Afrikaans name: Boom-koggelmander

A beautiful Southern Tree Agama

Photo © Steven Herbert

Agama atricollis

The Southern Tree Agama is a stunning lizard with its blue head. In fact, it is often called the Blue-headed Agama.

These reptiles are more common than you realise in suitable habitats. Almost every tree may be home to a single or pair fo Agamas. They have a habit of avoiding detection by moving around to the opposite side of the tree or branch.

The colour of the female is far more subdued than that of the male.

The Southern Tree Agama mainly eats ants and termites although they do feed on other insects as well.

The female will lay up to 14 eggs in a hole in the ground which she then covers.

Southern Tree Agama

Photo © Steven Herbert

Southern Tree Agama

Photo © Steven Herbert



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