South African Rock Python - one of South Africa's deadly snakes

South African Rock Python

Afrikaans name: Suider-Afrika Luislang

South African Rock Python

South African Rock Python

Photo © Lars Lachmann -

Python sebae natalensis

The South African Rock Python is a sub-species of the African Rock Python. Rock Pythons are the largest snakes in Africa and may grow to a length of 6 metres, but the subspecies found in South Africa tend to grow to around 4 metres or so.

These large snakes can be found in a wide variety of habitats from forest through to grass land to semi-desert. They do prefer areas with permanent water and are particularly common in marshy areas.

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Although the South African Rock Python is not venomenous they can inflict a nasty bite.

They catch a wide variety of prey including rats, monkeys, antelope and Nile Crocodiles. They grip their prey in their fangs and then wrap their powerful body around the prey constricting them until they die.



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