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Common Flap-neck Chameleon

Afrikaans name: Verkleurmannetjie

Common Flap-neck Chameleon

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Chamaeleo dilepis

The Common Flap-neck Chameleon is a large chameleon that can reach a length of 35 cm including the tail.

It is found over the northern and eastern parts of South Africa. It is also quite widely distributed beyond our borders.

The term 'Flap-neck' in its name refers to the flap of skin at the back of its head.

These chameleons are normally found in trees and they can be quite common. Young Common Flap-neck Chameleons may be found in areas of tall grass.

These reptiles feed on insects such as flies, grasshoppers and butterflies.

Females lay up to 60 eggs in a hole dug in sand. This is done towards the end of summer and the eggs take up to a year to hatch.



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