Boomslang - one of South Africa's deadly snakes


Afrikaans name: Boomslang

Male Boomslang snake


Photo © stuporter -

Dispholidus typus

The Boomslang, translated from Afrikaans as Tree Snake, is found in a variety of colours. Males are typically light green and their scales have a blackish edge. Females are brown.

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This snake has distinctively large eyes and its vision is good. Adults are 1 to 1.8 metres in length.

The Boomslang feeds on a variety of smaller animals which it finds in trees. These include birds and eggs, reptiles and small mammals.

They lay their eggs in hollows in trees and up to 30 eggs may be laid.

Although the Boomslang is not an aggressive snake it can deliver a fatal bite. Anti-venom is available.



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