Green Mamba - one of South Africa's deadly snakes

Green Mamba

Afrikaans name: Groenmamba

Green Mamba

Green Mamba

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Dendroaspis angusticeps

The Green Mamba is a large snake that can deliver a potentially fatal bite to us humans. Fortunately they are shy and will normally avoid contact with us.

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It is a bright green snake that blends in well with foliage. It spends most of its time up in trees lying in wait to ambush its prey.

The Green Mamba feeds on birds, eggs, chicks, bats and other small mammals living in trees.

These snakes can reach a size of 2.5 metres. Their green colouration and large coffin shaped head help in identifying them.

The female only lays a few eggs (17 is the maximum recorded) amongst fallen leaves or in a hole in a tree. The newly hatched snakes are already over 30 cm long.

Green Mamba

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