Snouted Cobra - one of South Africa's deadly snakes

Snouted Cobra

Afrikaans name: Wipneuskobra

Snouted or Egyptian Cobra

Snouted Cobra

Photo © stuporter -

Naja annulifera

The Snouted Cobra is also referred to as the Egyptian or Banded Cobra.

Meet some of South Africa's deadly snakes

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This is a large snake that can reach a length of 2.5 metres although most are smaller. It is found in savanna and bushveld habitats.

The Snouted Cobra is found in the north-eastern regions of South Africa. Beyond our borders it is found in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

This snake feeds on other snakes, rodents, birds and frogs.

The Snouted Cobra can reach an age of 20 years. They will typically set up home in a unused termite mound.

Bites from this snake are very painful, and potentially fatal, but anti-venom is available.



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