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Giant Ground Gecko

Afrikaans name: Reusegrondgeitjie

Giant Ground Gecko

Giant Ground Gecko

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Chondrodactylus angulifer

At a maximum length of 16 to 18 cm the Giant Ground Gecko is hardly a giant of a species. Amongst other ground gecko's it does outgrow them by about 8 to 10 cm.

The Giant Ground Gecko is found in the arid regions of South Africa and Namibia.

Their back colouring is fairly variable. It can go from orange to reddish-brown with darker patterns. Underneath they are pinkish-white.

The Giant Ground Gecko is nocturnal and lives its life on or under the ground. Each night they dig a new burrow where the can escape the heat of the following day.

They mainly feed on insects including moths, beetles and termites. They also eat spiders and smaller reptiles.



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