Common Tropical House Gecko - likes to live in our homes!

House Gecko / Common Tropical House Gecko

Afrikaans name: Tropiese Huisgeitjie

A House Gecko sorting out a cockroach

House Gecko

Photo © Steven Herbert

Hemidactylus mabouia

Apparently this reptile is called a Common Tropical House Gecko but, now that that’s out the way, I will call it a House Gecko.

The House Gecko is a common sight in homes particularly along the east coast of South Africa. Some people love them (I think) but others hate them. They do get rid of other unwanted visitors to our homes so that's one thing in their favour.

The House Gecko is nocturnal and is not often seen during the day.

At night they come out in search of insect prey. They will often wait in areas of bright light to catch moths and other insects that are attracted to the light.

I have seen these geckos chase each other and have no doubt that adults will eat smaller ones if they can catch them.

They make a clicking noise.

Although most commonly seen in our houses they do inhabit trees as well. Their colouration is quite variable.



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