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Leopard Tortoise

Afrikaans name: Bergskilpad

Leopard Tortoise

Photo © Steven Herbert

Geochelone pardalis

Sometimes called a Mountain Tortoise or a Bergskilpad in Afrikaans.

These tortoises can grow to a size of 45 cm and may weigh 12 to 13 kg. Some individuals have been measured up to 70 cm and 45 kg! That's a big tortoise.

The Leopard Tortoise gets its name from its spotted shell.

The Leopard Tortoise is found in a wide variety of habitats and at a wide range of altitudes.

These tortoises feed off many different species of plants. They are known to eat hyena faeces and bones which are thought to provide calcium which aids the development of their shells.

Tortoises are not very active during the heat of the day and during cold weather.

Female tortoises lay up to 15 eggs in a hole which she digs with her back legs.



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