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Real Yellowwood tree

Afrikaans name: Opregte geelhout

Leaves of a Real Yellowwood tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Podocarpus latifolius

The Real Yellowwood tree is the National Tree of South Africa.

They are also known as the Broad-leaved Yellowwood. Although it can grow to a respectable height of 30 metres, and occasionally 40 metres, it is still much smaller than the Outeniqua Yellowwood. It is said that Yellowwood Trees have been around for 100 million years!

The bark of the Real Yellowwood is greyish and peels off in long strips. The leaves are long and thin. Often they can't be seen easily as the trunk is tall and the leaves are borne high up.

The female trees get red and purple cones which are eaten by various fruit eating birds.

The wood of the Real Yellowwood is known to produce fine quality furniture and it is also used for floors and ceilings. These trees are slow-growing and the use of them for timber is now controlled.



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