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Afrikaans name: Amanzimtoti

The seaside town of Amanzimtoti is a popular tourist destination


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Amanzimtoti lies just south of Durban. It is said that the Manzimtoti River, which flows through the town, was named by none other than the great Shaka. Amanzimtoti is often referred to as 'Toti'.

Amanzimtoti is both a popular tourist destination as well as a residential area. Many people live there and work in Durban or in the industrial areas of Isipingo and Prospecton.

A lot of commercial development is currently happening, mostly on the inland side of the N2 highway.

The beaches are popular for swimming, surfing and fishing. There is also plenty of space for picnics and social games of sport such as volleyball. Another annual highlight is the "sardine run" when millions of Southern African Pilchards (Sardinops sagax) move up along the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal some time between May and July. The run doesn't happen every year and sometimes the fish don't come near the shore but when they do it is one of the great natural spectacles.

The coastal bush in the area is home to a number of smaller mammal species and a variety of birds.

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Amanzimtoti beach

Above - Amanzimtoti beach

Photo © Steven Herbert

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