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Fort Durnford

Fort Durnford

Fort Durnford, Estcourt

Photo © Steven Herbert

Fort Durnford is situated on a hill overlooking the midlands town of Estcourt.

The 'need' for the fort arose after a clash with the indigenous Hlubi people. As it happens the fort was never attacked.

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The fort was built by Major Durnford. The outside walls are 60 cm thick and nearly 10 metres high. The windows are secured with iron bars. Apparently, there is a network of tunnels under the fort that would have allowed the British to bring in supplies if under attack as well as offer a way of escape if required.

In 1910 the fort was abandoned. Today it serves as an interesting museum and a place to look out over the town from one of the gun placements.

When visiting, or passing through, the Estcourt area it is worth it to take the short drive up the hill to visit the fort, which is now a museum.

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Heading up stairs inside Fort Durnford

Above - These wooden stairs leading to the top floor could be raised in event of an attack

Photo © Steven Herbert

Langalibalele plaque at Fort Durnford

Above - A plaque detailing the story of Langalibalele who ended up on Robben Island after being found guilty of high treason.

Photo © Steven Herbert

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