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Fever Tree

Afrikaans name: Koorsboom

Fever Tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Acacia xanthophloea

The Fever Tree is a member of the Acacia genus and it is probably one of the best known of the many species of Acacia.

Although this tree naturally occurs in a range from South Africa to East Africa it has been planted in many other countries because of its unusual colours.

The name of the Fever Tree stems from it being found in or near swampy areas where one is likely to catch malaria and this was attributed to the trees and not the mosquitos.

The tree can grow to an impressive height of 25 metres. It produces bright yellow flowers between August and November. They are roundish and are borne in clusters. The resulting seed-pods ripen between January to April.

Fever Trees are popular nesting places for Weavers and other birds. The tree has quite a few thorns which seem to give the nest some protection from would-be predators such as snakes. Various animals feed off parts of the tree including Elephants, Vervet Monkeys and Giraffes.

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