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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

River Bushwillow

Afrikaans name: Riviervaderlandswilg

River Bushwillow

River Bushwillow tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Combretum erythrophyllum

The River Bushwillow is, as its name suggests, often found in areas of riverine bush.

They are medium-sized trees that grow to a height of 7 to 12 metres.

The leaves grow in whorls of three and are hairy underneath. In autumn the leaves turn red or yellow. The bark of the River Bushwillow is normally smooth and pale grey in colour.

In spring or the start of summer it gets spikes of sweetle scented yellowish flowers. The fruit has four wings and is yellowish-brown in colour when ripe.

A variety of animals including Elephant, Giraffe and Bushbuck feed off the leaves of the River Bushwillow.

River Bushwillow leaves

Leaves of the River Bushwillow

Photo © Steven Herbert


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