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Afrikaans name: Norvalspont

Overlooking Norvalspont


Photo © Johan van Zyl

Northern Cape

In 1835 Petrus Brits started farming in the area now known as Norvalspont. He later sold the farm to John Norval who, along with his two brothers, made combs using the shells of the many tortoises in the area. They also raised sheep on the farm. The next business idea was to run a ferry across the Orange River.

Norvalspont was the site of a large concentration camp during the Second Boer War and there is a memorial in the town town to honour those who died in the camp. The town itself proved to be very strategic during this war with a bridge over the Orange River having been constructed in 1889.

Norvalspont hotel

Hotel in Norvalspont

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Old station buildings

Remains of the station

Photo © Johan van Zyl



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