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Painted Lady butterfly

Afrikaans name: Sondagsrokkie

A beautiful image of a Painted Lady butterfly

The Painted Lady is the most widespread butterfly in the world

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Vanessa cardui

The Painted Lady is a common and well-known species of butterfly. It occurs in most countries in the world. It can be found in suitable habitat throughout South Africa. In some areas of the world, such as Europe, this species undertakes migrations each year.

This butterfly has a wingspan of between 4 and 5 cm with females being a bit larger than the males. The sexes have similar colouration. The upper wings are salmon coloured with black and white. The underwing is more cryptically coloured, but the colouration still includes salmon, black and white.

Males are territorial and defend open patches as well as hill tops. They can be seen all year round and at times, during winter when they are not so territorial, may even be seen in groups. They can be found in a wide range of habitats including hilltops, flat lands, forest edges, grassland, savanna and even gardens.

As one would expect with a butterfly species with such a wide distribution the Painted Lady makes use of a wide range of plants for laying their eggs and, subsequently, the larvae to feed on. The adults feed on nectar and honeydew.

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