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Afrikaans name: Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg town hall


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Pietermaritzburg was founded in 1838. Its name is a composite of two famous Voortrekker leaders Pieter Retief and Gerrit Maritz.

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There are many buildings of interest in Pietermaritzburg including the Voortrekker Museum, the old Supreme Court, the Natal Museum and many more.

The Pietermaritzburg city hall is possibly the biggest all-brick building in the southern hemisphere.

Each year the Royal Agricultural Show is held. This show draws many visitors from around KwaZulu-Natal and beyond. Besides the agricultural displays there are many other exhibits, funfair and live shows.

The Comrades Marathon is run between Pietermaritzburg and Durban each year. The direction of the race tends to be alternated with Pietermaritzburg serving as either the starting point or the end point.

The Botanic Gardens, which are around 44 ha in extent, are also well worth a visit. They were established in the 1870's.

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