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Knob Thorn

Afrikaans name: Knoppiesdoring

A Knob Thorn tree in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert

Acacia nigrescens

The Knob Thorn is a large tree that can reach up to 18 metres in height.

The common name refers to the thorns that are usually, but not always, found on the tree trunk. These thorns are like rounded lumps and not sharp thorns.

The Knob Thorn is quite common in Kruger National Park where a number of animals make use of it. Mammals such as Giraffe, Kudu and Elephant eat the leaves, branches and shoots. Some birds nest in holes in the Knob Thorn.

The wood is tough and is used for various purposes such as flooring and posts.

Leaves of a Knob Thorn tree

Photo © Steven Herbert



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