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Broom Cluster Fig

Afrikaans name: Besem-trosvy

Fruit of the Broom Cluster Fig

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ficus sur

The Broom Cluster Fig is a large tree that can reach heights of 30 to 35 metres. It is often found near rivers.

The figs are produced in large clumps on the trunk or even amongst the roots. The leaves are oval shaped.

The Broom Cluster Fig has an extensive distribution. It is found in many places between the Western Cape and North Africa.

This tree has many uses for humans and animals. The fruit may be eaten when ripe and is also made into jam. The soft, white wood is used for a variety of purposes. The inner bark can be used to make ropes and the latex is believed to have various medicinal properties.

The figs are eaten by a number of species of birds and mammals. They also use it for shade during the heat of the day.

Leaves of the Broom Cluster Fig

Photo © Steven Herbert

Broom Cluster Fig

Photo © Steven Herbert

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