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Free State National Botanical Gardens

Afrikaans name: Vrystaat Botaniese Tuin

Free State National Botanical Garden

Traditional huts on display in the Free State National Botanical Gardens

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Free State

The Free State National Botanical Gardens are situated on the outskirts of Bloemfontein. They lie between dolerite koppies making them a picturesque scene. The land for the gardens was purchased in 1965 and they were opened to the public in 1969.

The 70 hectares that they cover are naturally covered with tall grassland and woodland. The gardens are home to 400 species of plants from the surrounding areas.

Depending which season you go in you will be presented with a different array of colours. In summer everything is green and lush while in autumn the typical autumn shades are in evidence.

Besides the vast collection of plants over 140 species of birds have been recorded along with 32 mammals and 54 reptiles.

There is a small entrance fee and one can also pay for a guided walk during the week. Other facilities include thhe Zizi Restaurant, a curio shop and plant nursery.


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