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Golden Piper

Afrikaans name: Oranjelint-bosvlieer

Golden Piper

Golden Piper

Photo © Steven Herbert

Eurytela dryope angulata

The Golden Piper is a medium sized butterfly with a wingspan of around 5 cm. Females are typically slightly bigger than males. Male and female have very similar colouration. Their upper side of the wings are brown with a broad band of orange towards the edges of the wing. The underwing has variegated patches of brown, which provides it with good camouflage. The edges of the wing are quite scalloped.

It is a common species that is found along forest edges and other wooded areas. It requires that the area is free from frost. The Golden Piper has a leisurely flight and flies fairly close to the ground. Males are territorial and spend much of the day either perched watching for intruders or patrolling their little territory. Females fly freely and are permitted to fly through the males’ territory. They are quite a skittish species and are not always easy to approach.

The Golden Piper feeds off the juices of fermenting fruit. Larval foodplants for this species include Ricinus communis (Castor-oil Plant) and Tragia glabrata (Stinging Nettle Creeper).

Its range, in South Africa, extends from around Port St. Johns to the Limpopo province. They can be found all year round but are much more common in the warmer months.

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