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Afrikaans name: Umzumbe

Umzumbe tidal swimming pool and beach


Photo © Steven Herbert


The peaceful village of Umzumbe gets its name from the Mzumbe River which reaches the Indian Ocean nearby. The name means 'bad kraal' and refers to a tribe of cannibals that used to live along the river valley. In 1828 King Shaka's impi all but wiped them out.

Umzumbe has a nice beach with a tidal pool, and the beach is a good spot to catch up on your relaxtion. The area is popular with fisherman and also offers good spearfishing. It is said that at times there is good Shad fishing from the rocks.

The village is popular with retired folk as well as tourists looking for a quiet holiday. The nearby town of Hibberdene offers facilities that are not present at Umzumbe.

Pumula Beach, with the Pumula Hotel, forms part of Umzumbe.

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