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Krantz Aloe

Afrikaans name: Kransaalwyn

Krantz Aloe

Above - Krantz Aloe

Photo © Steven Herbert

Aloe arborescens

The Krantz Aloe, also known as the Candelabra Aloe, is only found in the eastern region of southern Africa between Malawi and South Africa.

Unlike many of the other aloes it is a sprawling plant but it can grow to a height of 3 metres.

The Krantz Aloe gets its name from the time of habitat where it is normally found. In Afrikaans a 'krantz' is a rocky ridge or cliff and it is here where you find these plants.

The flowers of the Krantz Aloe are deep-orange in colour and can be seen during the winter months.

Studies are being undertaken to see if this species of aloe has the same medicinal benefits as the well-known Aloe vera.

These aloes are fairly popular plants in gardens.



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