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Layman butterfly

Afrikaans name: Ouheks

The Layman butterfly

Layman butterfly

Photo © Steven Herbert

Amauris albimaculata albimaculata

The Layman is a large butterfly with females achieving a wingspan of almost 7 cm. Males are slightly smaller with a maximum wingspan of 6 cm.

The upper wing forewing of the Layman is black with white patches and spots. The hindwing is more brownish in colour. Females have quite similar colouration to males. They may be confused with the Chief butterfly (Amaurus echeria echeria) but that species has buff markings in its wings.

The Layman may be seen all year round but is more common in summer and autumn. It has a slow and lazy looking flight.

This butterfly is found along the eastern portions of South Africa through KZN, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. It is found in a variety of habitats including the edges of forests, grassland, parks, and gardens.

The gold coloured pupae of the Layman butterfly

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - the pupae of the Layman butterfly is gold in colour.

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