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Afrikaans name: Hopetown



Photo © Johan van Zyl

Northern Cape

Hopetown was founded in 1850 as an extension to the Cape Colony. It is located on the banks of the Orange River.

The town was sited near a ford across the Orange River. In 1884 a railway bridge was constructed over the river.

The nature of the town changed dramatically when diamonds were discovered in the area in 1867. Two notable diamonds found in the area were the "Eureka Diamond" (23.25 carats) and the "Star of South Africa" (83.5 carats).

Hopetown was named after William Hope who was Auditor-General and Secretary of the Cape Colony Government.

Today the town serves the local farms that produce crops such as wheat, potato's and fruit. There are also a number of stock farms.

Hopetown vicinity

Flat landscape around Hopetown

Photo © Johan van Zyl



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