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Afrikaans name: Randburg

Randburg view

Randburg looking towards Johannesburg

Photo © Steven Herbert


Randburg was a separate municipality until the late 1990's when it was absorbed into Johannesburg. It is a busy residential area with some industries.

The town was originally founded in 1959 when a number of existing residential areas were combined. It is, in many respects, an upmarket area.

One of the largest shopping malls is Ferndale on Republic. The mall today is evolved from the "Randburg Waterfront", which then became "Brightwater Commons" and finally "Ferndale on Republic". Along the way it has lost most of its charm although now it is a popular shopping venue.

Randburg is well situated for residents to take advantage of the many places of entertainment in the surrounding areas.

Part of central Randburg

Central Randburg

Photo © Steven Herbert

Offices and shops in Randburg

Offices and shops in Randburg

Photo © Steven Herbert



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