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Afrikaans name: Alberton

Greek Orthodox Church

Greek Orthodox Church in Alberton

Photo © Johan van Zyl


The city of Alberton lies about 15 km south-east of Johannesburg. The residents of Alberton tend to work in the major centres like Johannesburg and Pretoria which is further to the north.

Although the land on which Alberton exists was originally owned by the Meyer family the name of the city was decided by General Hennie Alberts who based the name on his own surname.

As mentioned above many residents commute to work in other areas but Alberton does have an industrial estate and is well serviced by shopping malls.

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Visitors to Alberton have easy access to many places of interest in Gauteng but there are also things to do closer to Alberton. These include visiting Rietvlei Zoo Farm, Jackson Dam and Meyer Dam.

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Alberton West Dutch Reformed Church

Alberton West Dutch Reformed Church

Photo © Johan van Zyl

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