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Afrikaans name: Bapsfontein



Photo © Johan van Zyl

Despite its proximity to major urban areas Bapsfontein maintains a rural village lifestyle.

The town is surrounded by rolling grasslands and the region is a fertile farming area. Various crops and vegetables are grown.

The grasslands and many rivers, streams and pans make for good bird-watching and birders are regular visitors to the area. It is also popular for horse-riding.

There are a number of farms near Bapsfontein that offer various types of accommodation.

Many people remember the old Bapsfontein Hotel with great fondness as it was a centre point for Country and Western Music, dances and much more.

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Shopping Centre

A shopping centre in Bapsfontein

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Bapsfontein Hotel

In its day the Bapsfontein Hotel was a popular venue for Country and Western music in South Africa

Photo © Johan van Zyl

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