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Afrikaans name: Zeerust

Zeerust CBD

Shops in Zeerust CBD

Photo © Johan van Zyl

North West

The town of Zeerust was established on the farm Sefathlani which was bought by Casper Hendrik Coetzee. The farm name meant 'dusty place' and the surrounding vegetation consists mainly of long grass and thorn bushes. The farm had many different names over the years eventually became Coetzee-Rust which is when the first plots were sold with a view to establishing a town. The name Coetzee-Rust was shortened to Zeerust. The town became a municipality in 1936.

Zeerust accommodation

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Farming is the main activity in the surrounding area with cattle farming being the major one. Game farming has also gained popularity over the years. Other products include wheat, maize, tobacco and citrus. There are also a few mines in the area where lead, chrome, andalusite and fluorspar are mined.

The Anglican church, known as the Church of St John the Baptist, was built in 1873 and has been declared as a national monument. The Marico Bushveld Nature Reserve is 30 km from Zeerust. One can also visit the Ikalafeng Monument which a 5 metre high pile of stones, representing peace, which were taken from a fort that was demolished in the area. The Kleinfontein Memorial marks the site where the Boer army put up a great resistance against the British forces during the Anglo-Boer war. At Marula Kop, 50 km from Zeerust, you can see the well-preserved remains of an iron-age settlement.

There is a variety of accommodation available in the town including hotels, caravan park and guest houses.

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Zeerust suburb

Above - Northern residential suburb

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Above - Zeerust as seen from the northern approach route to the town

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Civic buildings

Above - Civic buildings

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