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Afrikaans name: Richmond

Main street of Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal

Richmond - KwaZulu-Natal

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Richmond is a small town that is situated between Pietermaritzburg and Ixopo in KwaZulu-Natal. In 1850 settlers from Richmond in England, encouraged by Joseph Byrne, arrived and established the town which they initially named Beaulieu. These settlers were known as the "Byrne" settlers.

Richmond owes it existence to farming. The surrounding farms produce dairy products, timber, sugarcane and other crops.

Interesting buildings in the town include the Richmond Museum and the St. Mary’s Anglican Church. From Richmond one can take a short drive to the Byrne which is named after Joseph Byrne. A more scenic drive is the one into the valley of the Mkhomazi River. Another route to take is to go 5 km south along the R56 and then turn left onto a small road. After 10 km you arrive at the location of Cecil John Rhodes' first home in South Africa, although it is merely a rondavel.

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