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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa


Afrikaans name: Hilton

Hilton is a picturesque town

Hilton - KwaZulu-Natal

Photo © Steven Herbert


Hilton is a small town with a country atmosphere. It is located on the top of Town Hill overlooking Pietermaritzburg.

One of the first things that you notice about Hilton is the beautiful trees and the spread out nature of the buildings. The main road winds through the town revealing something interesting after each bend.

The town gets its name from a farm of the same name. In 1860 Joseph and Jane Henderson named their farm Hilton and the name stuck.

There is plenty of accommodation available in Hilton. The options range from bed and breakfast establishments to a hotel.

The town is well known for its educational institutions which include Hilton College and St. Anne's Diocesan College.

There is a railway museum which features some old locomotives and coaches. Sadly it has fallen into disrepair and is probably only of interest to enthusiasts.

Shopping centre

Modern shopping centre

Photo © Steven Herbert

Steam locomotive

Steam locomotive at the railway museum

Photo © Steven Herbert

Steam locomotive and coaches

Steam locomotive and coaches

Photo © Steven Herbert


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