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Sagewood tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Buddleja salviifolia

The Sagewood tree is found in suitable habitat over most of South Africa. It is absent from the eastern coastal belt and from the arid regions in the west. It can be found in a variety of habitats including along higher altitude streams, rocky hillsides and in evergreen forests. At best the Sagewood can be described as a small tree. It reaches a maximum height of 8 metres but is often smaller. The bark is reddish-brown in colour. The leaves are long and pointed and are greenish on top and white or brownish underneath. Young leaves have brownish hairs which disappear with age. The flowers are small but are pretty and come in an array of colours including white, cream and purple. The fruit is small. The wood of the Sagewood was used to make the shafts of assegais.



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