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Forest Bush Willow

Afrikaans name: Bosvaderlandswilg

Leaves of the Forest Bush Willow

Forest Bush Willow tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Combretum kraussii

The Forest Bush Willow gets its specific name from Dr. F. Krauss, a German scientist who came to South Africa in 1839 and 1840 and collected various plant and animal life that he found.

This is a medium-sized tree, of around 7 metres, but in some areas they do grow larger. They are only found in southern African countries.

The leaves are normally dark green but they go pale during late spring and early summer. They then return to green before turning reddish in winter before being shed.

The small white flowers are borne in "puff-balls". They attract many insects and birds.

The clusters of four-winged fruit are reddish initially but grow brown with age.



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