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Dune Soap-berry

Afrikaans name: Duineseepbessie

Leaves of the Dune Soap-berry

Dune Soap-berry tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Deinbollia oblongifolia

The Dune Soap-Berry gets its common name from the soap that can be made from its seeds. The fruit of the tree is also edible and various other parts of the tree are said to help treating some medical ailments.

It's not only humans who can feed off the Dune Soap-Berry. Various mammals eat the leaves while monkeys enjoy the fruit. Fruit-eating birds are also attracted to the fruit. It also attracts a variety of insects.

The tree remains small and is often not much more than a shrub. The small creamy-coloured flowers appear in clusters. The fruit is small and almost looks like a bunch of grapes.



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