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Afrikaans name: Knoppiesboontjieboom

Leaves of the Bead-bean tree

Bead-bean tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Maerua angolensis

The Bead-bean tree is found at lower altitudes in the north-eastern regions of South Africa. It is also found extensively beyond South Africa's borders.

This tree can reach a height of 10 metres and normally found in wooded grasslands and thickets.

The bark of the Bead-bean is variable in colour ranging from gray to blackish. The leaves are hairless and shiny on the top side. Its flowers are unspectacular and consist of white to yellowish bunches of stamens. The flowers normally appear during winter to early summer. The seedpods are long and thin.

Multiple branches from the trunk

The trunk branches out into multiple stems

Photo © Steven Herbert



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