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Queen Protea

Afrikaans name: Wolbaardsuikerbos

Superb Queen Protea

Queen Protea

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Protea magnifica

The scientific name of the Queen Protea is Protea magnifica and is not that the absolutely right name when you look at the magnificent flower of this plant! In terms of size, it is the second largest Protea flower after the King Protea.

The shape of the Queen Protea varies between tree-like, reaching a height of 3 metres, to a sprawling shrub. It has a single stem. The grey-green leaves are large and may reach 20 cm in length. New leaves are covered in hairs. The beautiful flowers are up to 16 cm long and 15 cm across. The peak flowering period is September but flowers may be found between June and January.

The Queen Protea is found at higher altitudes in a number of mountain ranges. They tend to be most common on slopes and cope well in poor soils. In these areas they are protected from fires which have a negative impact on them.

This Protea is popular with gardeners. In the garden, it tends to grow to a height of around 2 metres but may reach 4 metres in diameter. It prefers an area with full sun and good drainage. It should also not be crowded by other plants. It can be propagated from seed or cuttings.

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