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Afrikaans name: Karee

Karee tree


Photo © Steven Herbert

Rhus lancea / Searsia lancea

The Karee is at most a medium-sized tree that reaches a maximum height of 7 metres. It spreads widely and may measure 7 metres across.

It is single-stemmed but it doesn't appear to be so as it branches out low down.

The Karee's leaves are made up of 3 leaflets. They are darker above than below. During late winter and early spring it gets small yellowish flowers. Fruit is produced in spring and early summer.

This tree occurs widely across South Africa but is absent from KwaZulu-Natal.

The Karee is popular amongst birds that enjoy the fruit. The leaves are eaten by browsers such as Kudu.

Leaves of the Karee

Above - Leaves of the Karee

Photo © Steven Herbert



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