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Bothas Pass

Afrikaans name: Bothaspas

Bothas Pass

Bothas Pass

Photo © Steven Herbert

Botha's Pass is on the R34 between Newcastle and Memel. The pass takes you from a height of 1569 m to 1805 m at the top. It is about 5 km in length.

The pass is in the KwaZulu-Natal province but the border with the Free State is at the top of the pass.

Although Botha's Pass is not one of the most spectacular, or challenging, passes in South Africa it does offer good views over the farmlands below.

There are a handful of shops at the bottom of the pass.

Bothas Pass saw some action in the Anglo-Boer war. It was a key route for the Birtish forces to get access into the Free State, but the Boer commandos had kept it under their control for some time. The British, under General Buller, eventually managed to capture it on the 8th June 1900.

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View from Bothas Pass

Looking down from Bothas Pass onto extensive grasslands

Photo © Steven Herbert

Shops at the bottom of the pass

There is a handful of shops at the bottom of the pass

Photo © Steven Herbert

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