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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa


Afrikaans name: Tzaneen

Tzaneen CBD

Tzaneen CBD

Photo © Steven Herbert


The town of Tzaneen sits at an altitude of 900 metres and receives plenty of rainfall. The region is sometimes referred to as the "land of silver mist" as mist frequently covers the surrounding mountains.

Although Tzaneen officially has around 30,000 residents it serves around 600,000 people who live in the surrounding area. It is a diverse town with different cultures represented. Traditionally the Tsonga and Northern Sotho tribes have lived in the area but it also has a strong Afrikaans community.

The farms around the town produce large volumes of fruit, andd other products, such as avocadoes, mangoes, bananas, oranges and tomatoes. There are a number of sawmills in the area to process timber from the many plantations.

Tourists make use of the various accommodation options available to visit the numerous attractions in the area. These include dams such as Tzaneen and Magoebaskloof Dams and a number of private game reserve. A visit to the Modjadji Nature Reserve is also worthwhile. This reserve is very well known for its cycads and offers a number of trails. Tzaneen also has the benefit of being only 100 km away from Kruger National Park.

Reformed Church

Above - Reformed Church building in Tzaneen (Gereformeerde Kerk)

Photo © Steven Herbert

Busy streets

Above - Busy streets in Tzaneen CBD

Photo © Steven Herbert


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