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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa


Afrikaans name: Musina

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The town of Musina has for many years been known as Messina. It was changed in 2003 by the government of the Limpopo province.

Musina is a busy town mainly because of its proximity to the border post with Zimbabwe. The border post of Beit Bridge is 18 kilometres away and many Zimbabweans cross into South Africa to come and buy supplies.

A lot mining takes place in the area for a variety of substances including copper, iron, coal, asbestos, diamonds and semi-precious stones.

Tourists to the area can visit places such as the Musina Nature Reserve, Dingola Execution Rocks, Limpopo Valley National Park and Matakwe. Matakwe is a single bulai granite rock that covers 38 hectares.

Visitors can stay at a variety of self-catering units, lodges or at the hotel.


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