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Afrikaans name: Vanderkloof



Photo © Johan van Zyl

The village of Vanderkloof was founded to provide accommodation and facilities for the workers involved in constructing the Vanderkloof Dam which, at the time, was called the P.K. le Roux Dam.

Vanderkloof is located on the southern shore of the dam near the giant dam wall.

The scenery in the vicinity is rugged, but picturesque. There is a lot for visitors to do in the area. Naturally the dam offers all the normal water sport activities. Other activities available include fly-fishing (below the dam wall), game viewing at Rolfontein Nature Reserve, rock-climbing, hiking and abseiling.

Vanderkloof is located in the middle of a triangle of nearby towns – Petrusville, Orania and Luckhof. It is accessible from a minor road that links to the R48 either side of the river. This road also takes you to the dam wall.

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Havenga Bridge

The Havenga Bridge over the Orange River

Photo © Johan van Zyl

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