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Freedom Park

Afrikaans name: Vryheidspark

Freedom Park

The modern museum at Freedom Park

Photo © Steven Herbert


Freedom Park is situated on a hill overlooking Pretoria. It is a monument to all those South Africans who have given up their lives fighting for freedom.

The museum building, known as the //hapo interpretive centre, takes you on a trip from prehistoric times to modern day South Africa. The museum makes use of a number of different methods to make the exhibits more interesting and interactive. The building itself is an amazing example of modern architecture.

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At the top of the hill is S'khumbuto which consists of an amphitheatre, the Wall of Names, the Gallery of Leaders the Eternal Flame and the Reed Sculpture. This is surrounded by the Garden of Rememberance.

The 697 metre long Wall of Names grabs your attention and you can't help but read through list after list of names of people who have given their lives in different conflicts.

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Museum complex

Above - Part of the museum complex

Photo © Steven Herbert

The amphitheatre on the top of the hill

Above - The amphitheatre

Photo © Steven Herbert

Poster advertising slaves

Above - A poster advertising slaves

Photo © Steven Herbert

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