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Pretoria National Botanical Garden

Afrikaans name: Pretoria Nasionale Botaniese Tuin

Entrance to Pretoria National Botanical Garden

The entrance to the Pretoria National Botanical Garden

Photo © Steven Herbert


South Africa has a number of great botanical gardens and the Pretoria National Botanical Garden is definitely one of them. It is 78 hectares in size and is situated in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria.

The garden was established in 1946 and today they offer a taste of a variety of habitats as well as expansive lawns for picnics.

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Some of the featured gardens are dedicated to cycads, succulents, medicinal plants and wetlands. Some of the garden has been left in more of a natural state. The Dassie trail offers some nice views over the city.

The gardens attract a variety of birds and make a good venue for a few hours bird watching.

Amongst the various facilities offered at the Pretoria National Botanical Garden are a tea garden, restaurant and facilities to host functions. Every now and then concerts are held in the gardens.

Is the Pretoria National Botanical Garden a good place to visit?

Pretoria National Botanical Garden

Above - There are many pathways leading through the gardens

Photo © Steven Herbert

Blue Waxbill

Above - The Blue Waxbill is one of the many species of birds that can be found in the garden

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ndebele Huts

Above - Ndebele Huts by the section devoted to plants used in traditional medicines

Photo © Steven Herbert

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